Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Put Your Left Foot In

I expressed a concern recently to my friend The Boxing Octopus that I have a touch of the postpartum depression. (You know, like how that one guy you dated had a touch of Asperger's?) Because on some days, things is hard. And I get a little weepy still, sometimes unexpectedly.

And I know that PPD isn't something to mess around with - and I THINK, most of the time, that I'm not really depressed. I think I'm in the midst of what one might call a tough time. What with the youngest child who is not as easy a baby as his big sister. The screaming, people! The screaming! If he were my first baby to be responsible for toting around, we would not leave the house much. Because the boy HATES the car seat.

Unfortunately for him (and my ears! my ears!) this family is now a train - it's moving, and he just has to get on. I have a job now (precarious though it may be), he has a big sister who has places. to. go, and we've got to keep things going. Plenty of screaming, is what I am saying.

Speaking of the sister - have I mentioned that she's two? She is two. So there is screaming that comes with that, too. Mostly sweet and loving with her sister, often sweet and loving with her parents, sometimes scream and kicky.

And dairy - I am still off the dairy (to help with aforesaid screaming) and do y'all know how I feel about cheese? Here's how: I LOVE IT AND WANT MORE. No dairy sucks. Nursing this little boy has not been as easy as it was for his big sister - he had a hard time figuring things out at first, and there have been some supply issues (both over- and under-) and I have to pump every day which isn't really something I enjoy. Sitting in the bathroom, playing Angry Birds on my phone and constantly checking my watch because I have to pick up students in 20 min? Great for the old milk supply, let me tell you!

And the job - precarious as noted. Thank you Republican majority! You hate children and the people who teach them, I guess. I now know that I will not have the current ideal job next year. I may have another, full-time job. It may or may not be one that I really want. I have to wait and see on that one.

All of this to say, tough time. Oh yeah, and the pinkeye. BUT - there's this. Screw the Hokey Pokey:

THAT's what it's all about.


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  2. My momma says she would never have had the second (me) if I had been first. I was a screamer and a cryer.

    Sandy may someday be a good mentor for LC. She can advise things like: "no matter how much he pisses you off, don't throw a clock/radio at your brother's face."

  3. I totally dated a guy who had a touch of Asperger's! How did you know?

    Hang in there, mama. You're doing a GREAT job; those babies LOVE you. And I'll do anything I can to help make sure that you're taking care of you! (To wit: there is a whole slew of chick flicks opening in the coming weeks.)

  4. Poor you! I'm exhausted for you. And pumping on a time clock- I can't even imagine.

    If those pictures are any indication of how you are doing as a mother, then mama you are amazing.

    The eating the foot picture just made my day.

  5. Hang in there. I love you all the way from NJ, mama.

    Oh, and speaking of screaming and PPD... my theory is that it's PTSD. The crying starts and my whole body tenses with rage and confusion. So, no, you're not alone. Well, or maybe we're all alone together.