Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school! That means that I will be in the hallways of Elementary with a bright and shiny smile on my face, ready to help any wandering children or hesitant parents find their assigned room. On my way to my final teacher work day this morning at 7:45am (running late), I seriously reconsidered this whole elementary education career choice. Seems like a bad idea for a late riser and slow waker-upper to commit to something that requires one to be chipper before 8am.

After being woken at 4:30 this morning by a toddler who whined a bit before going back to sleep, I lay there waiting for my tiny companion to move in my belly. He finally complied (have I mentioned that it is a HE?) and as I began to drift off to sleep I heard more from his older sister in the other room. She wanted ME - "MAMA, MAMA." I can't resist that (well, I can, but for blogging purposes let's say I can't) and I got up to bring her a replacement pacifier, assuming she had lost hers in the night. The clock said 5:38.

When I entered the room, she started saying "Mama, poo poo" but it was a little garbled, considering the paci firmly stuck in her mouth. The source of her unhappy awakening was clear - from the commentary and from the stench as I got her out of the crib. After an unpleasant diaper change, she did NOT want to rock back to sleep, but trotted down the hall asking for "wawa." I followed, staggered around the kitchen putting together a sippy cup of ice water, then herded her back to her room.

It was cute, actually - she had the cup of water, and went straight to the glider next to the crib and said "rock." Thank GOD, she wanted to rock back to sleep. After 1.5 pulls on the sippy cup she popped the paci back in, snuggled around my belly, and we rocked a bit. She popped up with a few "Addie" comments when the dog came out of my room to head to the kitchen and then back down the hall for bed. I quietly explained that Addie wanted some water but was going back to sleep because it was time to sleep. There were some "Addie sleep" and "Daddy sleep" mumbles, and I asked if she was ready to sleep too? A nod was all I got before I kissed her cheek and clumsily got her back in her bed. Reports are that she slept until 8am.

I managed to get back to sleep some time after 6am. I know that because my alarm went off at 6, and I didn't snooze it, I turned it off. Woke up at 7:15, headed off to school, and wondered how the hell I am going to manage this with two babies waking when I need to be sleeping.

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