Friday, July 02, 2010

Whoo, Boy! That is SOME femur!

Check it out! A post that I wrote and never published! I'm getting better and better and changing boy diapers, so here's my original thoughts on having another boy after losing our son:

So today we made our first visit for this pregnancy to the perinatologist. They did the BIG ultrasound, you know the one. Where they tell you "it's a !"

I've kind of known/felt for a while that this is probably a boy, and I have....feelings about that. I don't even know that they are very mixed. I would feel more comfortable, safer, if I knew we were having a girl.

That is weird, isn't it? I hate to even express a preference to the universe, but I am scared about having another boy. So now I get an opportunity to face my fear, 'cause even I could tell it was a boy up there on the ultrasound screen this afternoon.

People keep asking what Lucinda thinks/has to say about having a sibling and the answer is that "baby" is one of her favorite words. Might be her cutest word, she sort of sounds like the "get in my belleh" guy when she says it. So she happily says "baby baby baby" when we broach the subject, but what does she understand? I have no idea. I realized tonight that I have no idea myself how this is going to work, it still seems so unreal that I even got pregnant.

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