Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Oh poor, sad, neglected blog. What with Facebook and Twitter, who needs a blog anymore? Do I even have thoughts that require more than 140 characters anymore?

I remember the blog, but what can I say? Lucinda is growing fast, changing rapidly, I feel the need to document it but I can't keep up! I ordered the Wonder Weeks and started reading it this week and so far I'm liking it, I think it's a good way to think about infant development. Lu has definitely been a little fussier of late and that matches up with an impending leap according to the book. Helpful information! Although it told me not to shake the baby, and I was all - whoa, dude. I'm glad you threw that in there, but really? We need that reminder?

Also, it is a nice contrast to the Sears book that I have been consulting for developmental info and Our Babies, Ourselves which I've been trying to work through. Both are big on the attachment parenting propaganda and it's good to get a little balance. I'm probably a little more on the attachment side of parenting styles than I would have anticipated, but I have found Sears and OBO to be a little heavy-handed. Lots of potential for feeling guilty about doing things "wrong" if you're so disposed. Which I am not. Disposed to feel guilty, that is. Doing things wrong? Entirely possible.

On the continuing life changes front, I've decided to accomplish the following this summer - two summer school classes, two additional certification exams, and a written comprehensive exam for my Master's. Also, find a job. And continue to be primary caregiver to an infant. And if I could get back to pre-baby weight too, maybe?

Daunting. I feel like I've got the infant caregiving under control, for the most part. By that I mean we manage to make it through each day and she still smiles when she sees me in the morning (best feeling in the world, by the way). And I am still thinking that I'll be able to muddle through on the classes and the certification exams. I'm newly intimidated about the comprehensive exam after talking to a friend at school today. And the job? Whoa. Feeling totally lost there. But all I can do is get through it. It certainly can't be worse than the summer of 2007 - in fact, I can say without a doubt that even with that list hanging over me, this is going to be the best summer in YEARS.