Tuesday, November 03, 2009

9 months

DANG that was fast!

9 months in, and now 9 months out.

Lucinda is changing daily. She crawls, she tries to pull up on me, her dad, furniture, and her toy box. She does a great down dog. She is heavy into babbling, and recently expanded her repertoire to include ga, ga, ga in addition to the ma, da, and ba that she'd mastered long ago.

She's big into waving - hello and goodbye. But she's tentative with a couple of signs, too - milk, and all done have both made appearances in appropriate contexts.

I swear that she's trying to communicate with the dog - she does this buh, buh, bah thing whenever Addie is in the room and it sounds suspiciously like Addie's quiet but insistent "feed me" reminders.

We have recently discovered that Lucinda does NOT like egg yolks. It was the first thing she emphatically didn't like - everything else was perfectly acceptable. She drinks water from her cups - sippy and regular. And she's pretty much on top of the pincer grip required to feed herself cereal puffs.

For Halloween I made an eggplant costume - not quite sure what got into me there, but it was fun. Took several evenings to put together, but cost less than $10.

Lucinda has been in daycare for almost three months now, and seems to be doing pretty well. I am working part time so I get to pick her up pretty early most afternoons. Although I am still nursing, as of tomorrow I will also be supplementing with formula - I just can't keep up with what she's consuming via my pumping, and we've made it through the 50+ oz of frozen milk we had stored up. I am sad that I can't make all that she needs, and a little concerned that I won't be able to keep up the supply for weekends and other days when she won't need a bottle.

I am having so much fun with her, and I am so thankful that I get to spend as much time with her as I do. K and I both get wistful at how much she's grown and changed in these 9 months. I think we both miss her baby baby days - I feel like I am already starting to get glimpses of little girl there. And I'm even starting to think about starting the getting pregnant process again - there's lots to get through before it can happen, but it is on my mind. Dang, I sure do love babies.

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