Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I hear that there are actual people who read my blog and they want to know what's up! Sorry I haven't been updating, but it's been a whole lot of not much to see over here. But hey, check it out. Another two weeks has passed since my last post. And hey, look at that. I still have a baby growing here - the ultrasound tech reported Monday that babygirl was at least 7 pounds. Also hey - check it out. I still have five days (-ish) to go.

Since last I posted, I got everything sorted and registered and paid and have attended both of my classes. Both professors were understanding and appear reasonably flexible about the fact that I will be giving birth soon and will consequently be going over the allowed absences. So now I just have to do as much of the work on the syllabus as possible so that I'm in a good spot by next week. Easier said that read, dude.

In the meantime, I generally just feel weird. I've made it to the 38-week mark, which is a relief I guess but not as much of one as I might have imagined. Everything still feels like it is completely in limbo, I continue to have days where I am anxious all day no matter how much she moves.  We did make a run to the hospital weekend before last when I came home after eating at a friend's house to find that my blood pressure was reading 145/107. Everything was fine, they put me on the monitor, drew some blood and sent me home. Lanell said she was frankly surprised that it was my first trip to the hospital, and to be honest I'm surprised too. I don't promise that it will be the last before our appointed check-in time (which is Monday night, by the way).

I'm trying to alternate my disaster thoughts with positive ones, and for the most part I'm doing okay. Preparation is still pretty minimal, no crib set up, no carseat installed. I feel like all of that can wait until we know the outcome. I have gone through and separated the newborn-sized clothes that we already have, but can't seem to bring myself to remove tags or wash them. I've gone shopping for new clothes even, but can't seem to buy them. I've looked at bouncer seats and the BOB Revolution but can't make a purchase on those, either. (and the stroller is even on sale at REI right now! How can I pass it up??)

I know we've gotten this far and things still look good, and I hope that we make it to Monday night with things continuing the way they have. Beyond that? I can't see that far right now...

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    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way from NYC...