Sunday, October 05, 2008


So I have been feeling a little on the crafty side of late. Of course, I can't manage to knit anything for some reason, but I have done a bit of sewing. For some reason fabric is more inspirational to me these days than yarn. Hmph.

I co-hosted a baby shower last weekend and created this bit of magic for some of the decorations. I kept saying that it was from Martha Stewart, but upon further reflection I got the idea from the purl bee. It was pretty easy and I thought it looked fun for the brunch.

garland for baby shower

I also made a couple of baby blankets, also for the shower. This started because I offered to replicate a flannel baby blanket for Bax, who has shredded his in the past three years. I found a couple of things online to guide me, but ultimately I just sort of made it up.

This one is for a Euro-American lovechild, her parents are known for their sleek design sensibility.

blanket for baby 1

This one is for the daughter of our close friends the Englones. They are a little harder to pin dow, but I figured a bird motif couldn't hurt. Being the baby of an ornithologist, I don't see how she'll avoid it.

baby blanket

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