Thursday, October 09, 2008


So, I've been feeling the baby move for a while now. At least a month. It is inconsistent, but it is enough now that K can often feel it if he puts his hand on my belly. Of course, when it started it was reassuring. Finally I had something concrete, something to let me know that things are okay. But the inconsistency has gotten to be its own worry now. On the one hand, there will be a couple of days where I feel her moving throughout the day. But then there will be a day or two where I'm not feeling much at all. It's hard not to freak out on those days.

Okay, I'll be honest. It's hard not to freak out on most days. I'm still on edge most of the time, and I'll admit that I've made more than one request for my OB's office to fit me in at the last minute to check everything out. (I love them, by the way and am SO HAPPY that I switched.) Last Friday, I had what I thought was a contraction but I thought it couldn't be a contraction at 21 weeks. So they got me in to see them at 3:30 on Friday afternoon. And yes, it appears that it probably was a contraction. I need to drink more water, apparently.

By Wednesday, when my originally-scheduled regular checkup came around, I mentioned that I wasn't feeling as much movement in the past few days. Or at least, it had changed - smaller, less frequent. The midwife, God bless her, said "let's just go take a look" and I got a nice little ultrasound. Yet again, she was moving all over the place and I wasn't feeling it. I can tell myself that that is probably true, but it's another thing entirely to SEE the baby move, know that it's happening inside my body, and not feel it. She was transverse with her head on my right side and her back facing out, which kindof explains the changes in movement patterns - probably due to a change in position.

So after the appointment I'm giving Kelly this report via cellphone, mentioning that I was previously worried about the changes in movement, and he says "but don't you remember the other night when you were asleep and I was feeling her move all over the place? You woke up and we talked about it." and the answer was no. I did not remember, as apparently I was deeply asleep during their special moment, my conversation notwithstanding.

p.s. I checked and it looks like this is the official announcement that we are having a girl. We dithered for a bit about whether to tell, but decided that it was impossible not to use pronouns once you know. So!

p.p.s. Word to the wise, don't search for "baby girl booties" on etsy, or you'll end up somewhere like this, which is just totally ridiculous. Seriously, if it weren't already No-spend-tober, that could be very dangerous.


  1. Glad she's looking healthy in there. I ended up buying a fetal doppler for my subsequent pregnancies so that I could keep my peace of mind when movements slowed. I resold it on Ebay after I was done with my pregnancies and recouped a lot of the money. It really did help me feel better on days when things were slow (or with twins, hard to keep track of both babies moving). There are lots of places on the internet that you can rent them, too.

  2. Melanie9:23 AM

    Cupcake booties: WANT. Good thing they're ridiculously priced!

    Come January, we will have hand-me-downs galore for your little girl!!!

  3. Yay for girls! I am totally girl-biased. And could those booties be cuter? No, they could not.

    My sister, who was recently pregnant with twins, got major contraction action several times from being dehydrated even though she was drinking a lot of liquid. One time she was already in the hospital for something else and hooked up to an IV and still got dehydrated. I think a pregnant body just gets weird and doesn't use liquids well sometimes.

    My sister also could only feel one of the twins moving because their giant fused placenta (gross) was in front of the baby or something (I don't understand fetal geography) and acted like insulation.

    How many weeks are you? Also, may I demand more frequent pregnancy updates? Inquiring minds, etc.

  4. My baby does not move a lot. I already got used to the fact that he is not a big mover, I guess. It is nerve wrecking but I guess I have managed to go with the flow and stay relatively calm. Because of my fibroids, I get an ultrasound every month so I can see that everything is OK but still.. it is crazy! It is just crazy when the whole day has passed and I haven't felt him!! i usually feel him at night but .. still, it is just insane!
    And I don't drink a lot of water... and I don't know what a contraction feels like... how do you know? I mean at 33 weeks I better find out what those feel like....

    I'm so happy for you-- and you're having a girl! How cool is that!

  5. Holy crap, the cuteness. Fair warning that there are likely some ridiculously priced koala bear booties in your little one's future, courtesy of Auntie Becky.