Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Further Developments

Sorry that I've not been updating el blog of late. There have actually been some developments that may be of interest.

I had an ultrasound last week, when I was 12 weeks 4 days, and they said everything looked great. Perfect. I had to ask "and the heartbeat?" even, because I couldn't hear it and I needed that specific reassurance - yes, still alive. Whenever I get good news I mentally add the "for now" at the end. Things look perfect, for now. I am still pregnant, for now.

I have scans from the ultrasound but they look weird in iPhoto and I am not sure how to make it better, so I can't share. But we appear to be beyond the bean stage now. I thought that once I made it to 12 weeks my anxiety would be better, and it sort of is, but I'm not done with it. My next ultrasound appointment is more than a month away, my next OB appointment is more than a week, and although I feel the constant need for reassurance, I know that I won't quite get it. So I try not to go crazy but there's a low-level fear with me most of the time. Now I'm hoping that if I make it to 16 weeks I will calm down. That's Labor Day.

Also, I turned in my paper (5 minutes before the deadline) and so am done with school for the summer. The paper I feel kinda meh about, but the quilt I made I'm pretty happy with - I stretched my abilities and I think it doesn't suck!

For the back, I made a lightbulb. That required curves, which was not easy and involved many pins.

Don't look closely as there are wrinkles and such.
light back

For the front, I just sliced up some fabric and cobbled together the tree shape and trunk, and then did some vague APPLIQUE-ish thing to get them to be attached to the sky/ground backing I made. I even looked up how to do satin stitch on my machine for this! So fancy.
pieced front

It's all symbolic and shit.

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