Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Debate Partners

Aw, Girl Kelly got married and I was there. It was in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. At the Boathouse. And it was lovely. I will admit, I went a little grudgingly. The money isn't exactly flowing freely at our house, and it was at a less-than-ideal time, and bitch bitch bitch sweaty New York in summer.


But I'm so glad I was there. K and I were debate partners in high school - the power couple, in our shoulder-padded blazers and pleated skirts. Somewhere there is a picture of us looking fierce and debate-y. Since then our lives have intersected with increasing rarity. When I look at where we are today it's a wonder that we started from the same place. She's an artist, passionate, focused. Her life is completely of a world that I barely know how to visit. But that isn't the point of a wedding, to have everyone in your current world smiling at you. It's also nice to have people from other corners of your life there, affirming your significance in their life and their significance in yours.

If only I could have remembered the words to any one of the random songs that we used to sing together, in wonderful harmony. Biophilia (composed at a debate tournament when our opponents failed to show), or any of the Girls State oeuvre. I think we mastered some Indigo Girls songs, too. Aw, Kelly. Those were good times, and I'm happy I could be there for another one!

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