Sunday, June 22, 2008

Enn Why See

So, I didn't just go to Kelly's wedding while I was in New York City.

Sure, my sister gave the rundown - there was the Cloisters, some theater (which reminds me that I have been meaning to buy the iTunes showtunes from Passing Strange), and tasty, tasty sushi (I try to do thing like eat a big pile of raw tuna to remind me that not being pregnant isn't the giant pile of suckiness that I usually feel it is. Wine helps with that too). That was a lovely day, Friday. Beautiful weather, we had a picnic, we enjoyed ourselves.

Then came Saturday. It was hot on Saturday. Like, 95 degrees. In NYC, that is freaking boiling. I was wearing jeans, which is a stupid thing to do on a boiling-hot day in New York. But my sister is a sport, and when I made plans to visit her in NYC she asked what I wanted to do. So we did those things on Saturday.

NYC Booty.

Those things included just two stops -

1) the Purl stores, in SoHo. I've been knitting and now quilting for a while now, and the Purl empire is kindof a center for the stuff I like. No photos from me (although just check out Flickr if you want an idea) but it was good fun. The yarn store, I didn't get anything - I'm kindof on a wane right now with the knitting. The patchwork store, though. I got some stuff to make pillows for our new couches. 6 different 1/2 yard cuts, so 3 yards total. I'm kindof excited about them, I think it will be good. This photo shows them on the couch, with one of the pillows they are meant to replace. I think these fabrics will both casual-ize and modern-ize the look of the couches. Poor Emily was a little put off my the fabric store process - the pulling everything off of the shelf, etc. But she got with it and I am happy with my choices!

purl to be pillows

2) Trader Joe's. Life in Austin would be pretty near perfect if we had Trader Joe's, I am convinced. If you ever want to get me a little treat on your travels, I love these dark chocolate-covered edamame beans from TJ's. Apparently they no longer have the garlic pistachios that I used to love, and they also no longer make the yin-yang peanuts that were a big fave for a while. That's okay. They have these, and they have the chocolate-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels. MMMmm.

It might be a sad commentary or something that my list of things I really wanted to do in New York were visit a quilting store and Trader Joe's, but let's not go there.


  1. Trader Joe's in NYC? Really? When I lived there, my friend Rachael (who has a car) and I would make forays to NJ and Westchester for Trader Joe's runs...

  2. I was not put off by your fabric choosing process! Just, you know, being myself.