Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chugging (I WISH) Along

Riddle me this - how was I completely housebound for four solid days (last Sunday-Wednesday) and still managed not to find time to write a blog post? Not that you expect anything from this interweb placeholder, but hey. Technically this is still an active blog.

I did manage to sew a pretty sweet apron for Becky's Christmas present, and make a batch of grapefruit marmalade, though. The Mr. made use of the artisanal bread baking skills he picked up from the Whole Foods class I gave him for Christmas and made two rocking ciabatta loaves. We also teamed up to create the ultimate turkey pot pie. So give it up for crappy weather, why don't ya!?

I am still pregnant, yay for that one. The forced sobriety has not been as much of an impediment to merriment as I would have imagined, although I am NOT one of those obnoxious preggos who tells you that she doesn't miss the booze. Gah, no. This may be because I have had some alcohol since discovering I'm pregnant. Let me tell you, that Christmas dinner started feeling MUCH smoother once I got the glass of merlot down the hatch. I don't really miss beer, but wine. Oh, wine - we had such a lovely friendship! I'm sorry to be out of touch but promise we'll catch up in June, okay??

The major pregnancy-related development has been that I officially need to wear maternity clothes pretty much constantly now. I finally broke down and went to the outlet mall to stock up, as the two maternity shirts were no longer cutting it and my wardrobe options were shrinking by the day. I understand that maternity clothes have vastly improved in the past 5-10 years, and yay for that. Thank you, Gap and Old Navy. Still and all, the options are not endless and I was sad to realize that these long-sleeved shirts I just bought won't be doing me no good come April.

Other, more positive developments include the new and improved Cletus the Fetus - now, with movement! I have an anterior placenta (my bloody sac be frontin' yo!) and so this happened kind of late for me - but it's wicked cool. Even strong enough that the husbo can feel it. Pretty much impossible not to say "it's ALIVE" at least once a day.

Oh yeah, and we're going to completely remodel our kitchen and possible bust out a load-bearing wall in the process between now and Cletus' arrival. WOOT!