Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dear Stupid Bitch In Line Next To Me At The Backyard


Damn, you've got a cute little girl. Really fucking cute, and honestly when y'all walked up and you were all punk rock and young and you had a little kid with you, I was kind of happy because yay for cool parents.

But OH MY GOD YOU SUCK. Telling a three year old to stop being annoying, with that shitty tone in your voice? YOU SUCK FOR THAT. Pushing her away from you? Dropping her hand when she was twirling around you so that she spun out and stumbled around? Jerking her drink away from her while she was drinking it after she said she needed to pee? TELLING HER YOU WOULD SMACK HER?

Goddamn it you suck. YOU SUCK.

P.S. Thank God Beck is a total genius and I pretty much forgot all about you when the music started. And beer.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Answer Is Still

No. After 2+ weeks of waiting for My Dear Aunt Flow, she has arrived. All of those home pregnancy tests were accurate, I am NOT PREGGO. Now that we have that question out of the weay...

Good thing I didn't give up alcohol or caffeine while I was waiting to know fore sure if I was pregnant!! Whew! What a waste THAT would have been!

Last night the Mr. and I went - get this - DANCING at the Broken Spoke. Damn but that is a good time!! I loves me some good two-stepping fun. The Derailers were awesome, the beer was cheap, and the Mr. was willing to dance with me! The Hoke organized everyone and he and I managed to tear up the dancefloor a bit, too. I could not have asked for a better night. Seriously, why don't we do that all the time? No really. Dancing! Who knew?

We followed it up today by taking a western tour, managing to visit both Lampasas and Llano before heading back to Austin. Bink went for a little swim at Colorado Bend state park, prompting a lengthy discussion about whether we should get an inflatable pool for our backyard. I am going to look into it, because damn if that little swim (she had her leash on) didn't put some jazz in her step for the rest of the day. And see, she's my BABY so I gotta get her what she wants.

This week holds all sorts of promise, incuding what is likely to be my LAST physical therapy appointment for my stupid wrist injury. Stupid yoga. Anyway, I am almost done and should be more than 90% back to normal and will hopefully only be supposed to wear my brace to bed, praises be. Also, we are supposed to go to Dallas on Friday! Woot! The Mr. has had a terrible affliction but hopefully things will be healed enough to drive to the big D and back to see his nephew for the first time ever. I think we'll get there just in time for his kindergarten graduation. I KEED. The baby will still be less than three months old, so he still counts as NEW, right?

Sorry no pictures but I am lazy and you probably won't check this until next month because do I even really count as having a blog any more?