Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gimpy McType-alot

Hello from the land of the lazy. People ask me why I don't keep up the Skywestern Crooked, and I have to say - did you really miss it? Really? For some reason I think that I enjoy reading all about the everyday shit in other people's lives, but that is because I am WEIRD and STRANGE, so there is no reason to think that others would want to read my shit.

For the first time in five years, the Mr. and I did not have a Memorial Day Campathon. Oh, the fun we had in the days of yore, when we set out into the wild mountains of Shenandoah, facing the privations of the wilderness (the camp store closes at 8?!), with nothing but four layers of high-tech fabric between us and the cold, hard rain. Some years we even went HIKING. No, for real! Like, two MILES even! Let us weep for the Memorial Day Campathon, for it appears to have met its demise. Oh, oh. Woe is the happy camper who wants only to eat bratwurst and drink beer in the misty mountain eve, shouting a friendly blow job story to the friends across the fire.

Of course those years are long gone. Now that we own a home with a yard even, nostalgic yearning for the fresh air and green growing things has really died down - or at least has been refocused on the things growing in said yard. (remind me to post more boringest garden photos - now with RIPE TOMATOES)

This Memorial Day weekend was spent in Austin, doing Austin-y things like shopping on South Congress and eating at Tacodeli. J&J made a trip up from Houston and although there was pathetically little debauchery happening, it was a good weekend. Really though, people - is it so much to ask that SOMEONE, ANYONE in a group of six would say "hey, should we open another bottle of wine?" Fine, I guess it is a lot to ask.

A lot of what happened over the weekend has caused me to do some serious reflecting which has brought on no small amount of ennui. See, change is inevitable. I know this. Philosophically, I am out there fully embracing change. Change is necessary and change in and of itself, as a function of the lives we live, is good. Yay change - theoretically. In practical terms, change can often be traumatic (see: father's death, 1998) or difficult (see: moving across the country, 2001 and 2005) even when it is a good thing (that refers to the moving, not the dying). Even when we fully support change in theory in practice it can be harder to deal with than we would have expected, or maybe there are some unforseen side effects. If we are to continue going about our lives embracing change, must we also embrace the side effects of change? Perhaps the answer is yes, but listen sister - it ain't easy and don't expect it to be.

But! There is some good news here at the end. There's a change a-comin' that I am ready to embrace - the Englones are moving to Austin! If there is anyone out there who will stand with me and say "YES" to the wine question, it is LJ. Welcome, old friend.